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The Jordan Hemp Industry Organizing Group is combining international expertise and Jordanian ingenuity to create dynamic new industry clusters around the hemp plant. Hemp is the non-psychoactive variety of cannabis that has been cultivated for thousands of years and can be used to create hundreds of compelling Jordanian products. Jordanian Hemp will become an irresistible brand that signifies quality and innovation around the region and around the world.


About Hemp

Hemp is known as the “World’s Most Versatile Plant”. Jordan’s warm sunny climate is ideal for growing hemp, which can be processed in a wide variety of industrial and consumer goods in such important categories as:

Who We Are

The Jordan Hemp Industry Organizing Group is a committed group of leading professionals and advisors from Jordanian industry, government, community groups, research institutions, and investment firms to develop the high-potential Jordanian Hemp Industry.


​Our Mission


The mission of the Jordan Hemp Industry Organizing Group is to advocate for the Jordanian hemp industry, its member companies, its products, and its people throughout Jordan, the Middle East region, and the world.


​Our Vision


Our vision is to create and build a new, broad-based legal Jordanian hemp industry and the “Jordanian Hemp” brand that produces products and innovations consistent with Jordan’s legacy of leadership, freedom, and commitment to excellence.


​Our Values


The Jordanian Hemp Industry values creativity, courage, hard work, and investment of energy and capital in hemp businesses in our country


We value the Jordanian Hemp Industry’s commitment to and investment in Jordan’s people, cultural heritage, educational institutions and medical centers, and natural environment.


We value equal opportunity for Jordanians of all age groups, genders, and communities across the great country of Jordan. We value research, innovation, and new approaches to solving difficult problems in Jordan and abroad.


We support military veterans and women-owned enterprises and female workers and innovators. We value the energy and intelligence of young Jordanians, and the wisdom and experience of older Jordanians.

We are committed to His Majesty King Abdullah II, his leadership and inspiration to us all, and his profound commitment to the future of Jordan.


What We Do


The Jordan Hemp Industry Organizing Group is developing quality benchmarks for Jordanian Hemp products and processes for members of our industry, which are transparent to legislators and law enforcement. Naturally, our definition of what Jordanian Hemp is, also makes clear what is not Jordanian Hemp and cannot be tolerated in our industry.


To ensure purity and quality of Jordanian Hemp, only certified members (individuals and companies), operating under strict standards, may operate in the Jordanian hemp industry. We are the only Jordanian organization that will provide certificates to produce Jordanian Hemp crops and product, and to work in our industry.


The Jordan Hemp Industry Organizing Group is developing triple bottom line (3BL) standards for companies to encourage profitable business practices, jobs and community development, and protection of our environment.


Who We Serve

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